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• Sep 12, 2017 - 00:47

I am writing a song that uses men's voice where the top staff in a SATB closed staff is an octave lower than narmal. This kind of song uses a special clef that I couldn't find in Musescore. See attached screenshot to see the clef and let me know if it's available.

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It must be tenor clef: (4th line C Clef) -

But with the key signature cause it is suspicious that it is a normal G clef.
Or is it a C Clef, set up specifically? (same as G clef with 8 on bottom. = Guitar Clef)

Clefs is only used on lines.
If you look at it, it's likely that there is a C clef that is not in use or obsolete. (on 3rd space?)

After searching at the symbols a little: "This is 19th century C clef"

My advice: Use "Treble Clef 8vb."

Or: If you want to look like the original:

  • First: put on a Treble Clef 8vb.
  • Hide it. (Right click on staff; select "Staff Properties", untick on "Show clef"; click "Apply")
  • Open Master Palette
  • Click symbols.
  • Type "clef" in search box.
  • You will see this clef on symbols list.
  • Drag and drop on measure.
  • Adjust position (with mouse or cursor keys.)

It is a tenor Clef (aka C clef) but it's old-fashioned and rarely used in modern TTBB music. I've recently re-noted some 600 old TTBB songs that use that C-clef and simply replaced it with the Treble Octavo clef. Singers are far more used to that these days.

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