dynamics - size

• Mar 27, 2014 - 19:31

dynamics have a very small size at the score: 12 instead 20. also I can not change it manually, because it turns back to 12 when closing the "edit mode".


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How are you replacing them?

In my experience changing text usually involves selecting the text, selecting "all text" (ctrl-a), THEN changing the size. Simply selecting the new size doesn't give the program enough information.

I am not sure this will solve your particular problem.

lasconic was right! I just deleted the musescore folder in application data and the sizes works fine now. I think that started after opening a XML file. I am not sure but... Thank you all anyway! :)

on win7 works fine now, but in XP after deleting the musescore folder at appdata I still have the small sizes even after downloading another nightly. how can I restore the settings by default? (already made it in the program but nothing happens).

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