Flute Part Problem

• Apr 1, 2014 - 15:28

I opened this score that I created in MuseScore 1.3 (which, granted, may be the problem) and cleaned up the parts. It all worked well except when I try to print the flute part. I get a message that says "PCL XL error". Then underneath it says "Subsystem: TEXT, Error: IllegalFontData, Operator: Text, Position: 11119". All the other parts print flawlessly, and I can't figure out anything different on the flute part than the others.

I am using the latest nightly R.8917b06 on a Windows XP computer. Thanks for any help.

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Around the Circle.mscz 392.36 KB


I printed the flute part on my HP 4250 network (postscript) printer, and it printed but I also got an error (ERROR: MemoryFull, OFFENDING COMMAND: show). This is a high-end printer with lots of memory so something is bad in the document.

Exporting to PDF and printing should work.

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