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• Apr 1, 2014 - 17:23

Hello again!

I have one problem here (version 2.0): when I try to stretch a multimeasure bar (image 1) nothing happens... I thought other bars might be increased but when I do so, then the system breaks (image 2). Are there any solution for this? I have a 1.3 file like I would like it to be (image 3).

Thank you very much - the 2.0 version looks very good! Best wishes :) K.

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The only think I found was selecting the multimeasure and in the inspector window / segment - I changed the "Leading" and "Trailing" to "-5.00" (adding more it has no effect) - this helps a little bit, but not enough... Tryed the same with 1.3 and I can stretch the multimeasure as well as a simple bar.

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This is a good place for general discussion about the upcoming release, including cases where maybe you aren't sure if what you are seeing is a bug. But if you have a clear case where you are sure what the expected behavior is and the actual behavior differs, then indeed, post to the tracker, no need to discuss here first. You probably try a search the tracker to see if the issue is already submitted, although sometimes it is diffcult to know what terms to use.

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