Bug? Embedded Musescore files now need refreshing all the time?

• Sep 19, 2017 - 14:57


The last 3 days embedded scores need refreshing all the time, or they won't play properly.
Sound comes on, but the menu and the score freezes.
Obviously the embedded file does not load completely?

Can you help me, please?




I don't have any obvious problems using Chrome on macOS. Could you explain somewhat more what the problem is and which browser/platform you are on?

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Windows 10, Google Chrome. All up to date.
Problem does not seem to occur using Mozilla.
Problem occurs since last Sunday.
In all cases, the sound is okay, the score plays, but the play/pause menu freezes, as well as the red bar.
I have a mp4 , it illustrates the problem, but it exceeds the 4 MB-limit (12 Mb)
is there any other way I can send it?

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I have no extensions active, just checked.
In our choir we have 70-80 singers (20 using the website on a regularly basis) , and last monday evening 4 singers told me they have the same problem, whereas other singers (also using chrome and w10) said everything was working fine.
So I don't think it is connected to my platform.
Any chance that it has something to do with Wordpress, in combination with the embedding code?
I noticed that right after the 17/9 release 4.8, yesterday 20/9 they issued 4.8.2
However today the problem still exists :(
Also in IE I noticed incomplete MS menubar, where on the same page other MS menubars show fine.

Thanks :)

I just found out it's not just the embedded files, but on for instance https://musescore.com/user/207174/scores/2669046 as well!

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