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• Apr 17, 2014 - 16:44

I'm OK with using and changing soundfonts and currently use GS 1.44. which is quite good. I tried the larger Fluid soundfont but although the middle and lower brass (brass band) were good the muted trumpet sound is poor. I've had bad experiences trying to source on the internet with spurious programs being installed without my permission. This happened earlier today and the uninstall option failed. It took two hours to erase it. Question: can anyone point me to a trustworthy site for exploring possibilities?

John Morton


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Thanks for that. Looks very interesting. Question: I know how to switch soundfonts in general but how can I selectively designate these effects when I put instruments into the score? E.g. I might be happy with the soundfont I'm using but I might, say, prefer the Hammersound trombone sample (for example) to the default one.

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Hi John,

Are you talking about the 1.3 stable release?

Or the 2.0 beta 1 release?

Incidentally most of the problems you describe about downloading can be avoided by making sure you are actually clicking the download for the soundfont. Unfortunately a lot of the sites have adverts for download managers and other crapware with a "Download" button prominently displayed near the actual link you click to actually download the soundfont.

The other thing you can do is make sure you save the file rather than running it - Firefox is best here because it automatically saves the file rather than running it.


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I think I'm on 1.3 (updated here Dec 2012). I can't find anything that identifies the version and I probably selected not to see splash screen. Definitely not 2.0. I'm OK with selecting the correct link, and 'saving' instead of 'running' is definitely good practise as you say.

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