pasting sections with bar rests in them messes up the music

• Apr 20, 2014 - 13:44

if I paste a section that has a full rest in it it will try and make the rest too long so all the music will get shifted over. its also very difficult to get rid of once i get the weird extra rests.


...would be to attach the score, explaining what section you are pasting, what you expect to see, and what actually occurs.
Copy/paste is a basic operation that works for most of us, so anyone's reply would be a guess.

My guess would be that perhaps you are not pasting into the same beat (of the measure), so that the full rest splits up and notes get shifted.


Definitely attach score and steps to reproduce. Also say what version of MuseScore you are using and what OS. There is a known bug in recent/current versions of MuseScore where copy and paste of passages containing full measure rests in 5/4 or 7/4 or other unusual time signatures can corrupt a score. This has been fixed for the next version, and I thought was partially fixed even in 1.3, but that version is definitely still buggy in that way.

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