• Apr 22, 2014 - 18:57

Hello all [x-posted from developer mailing list],

I'm one of the students who has been accepted to work on the
Musescore project as part of Google Summer of Code 2014! I'll be
working on improving the support for Guitar Pro imports, so if anyone
has any questions or comments on that then feel free to get in touch
on the mailing list, here or on IRC (I'm there with the nick 'jpirie').

For anyone interested in following the work involved in this, I've put
my blog at [1], which shall contain entries detailing how
things are progressing. My fork of Musescore is present at [2], so if
anyone is dying to view GPX files you should see support for them
appearing in the gpx-file-support branch sometime in the near future,
and I'll put pull requests in to the main repository as soon as it's
usable in any way and stable.




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