Recording your own voice and adding to the score?

• Oct 2, 2017 - 00:13

I think that would be awesome, to make your song completely yours, be the soloist at choir, form an accapella group of your own....


While it would be awesome, it has very little to do with music notation, which is what MuseScore is all about.
You can of course export audio from MuseScore open it in your favorite DAW and add/record your voice track there.

I too would support a feature. Since an important use of Musescore is to teach music, it would be great to have the ability to record an additional track within musescore, for example, sing lyrics, add vocal commentary, record an additional instrument, to directly share or upload to without having to use youtube.

I totally support this feature because this will make MuseScore more Songwriting-friendly, I know this isn't what MuseScore is made for but it's a very valuable feature for millennials like me and younger audiences, I mean come on, who wouldn't wanna record themselves singing while their score is being played ^^

Agreed. It would make Musescore multifunctional to some extent (at least at this simple level compared to "DAW") and much more valuable for everyone. (Best Daw-s also provide notation possibilities though far not at the level and quality of Musescore 3.6).

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