A small improvement of Mixer would be nice!

• Oct 2, 2017 - 17:12

Hello devs! First of all - thanks for all the great work that you are doing there)
I do face one minor inconvenience each time when using Mixer window in Musescore.. the thing is that all the time when I am scrolling down, having the mouse cursor on the main part of the window (that is much more convenient of course than to use the tiny scroll bar - especially when you do have lot of instruments in the score) - I am always focusing the MIDI instrument drop list - therefore having a guitar instead of flute, drums instead of piano - and so on... So my suggestion is : can you please make the drop list being focused only on mouse click - but not on the scroller each time I am just hovering the mouse cursor over it? That does seem to be a tiny issue - but as for me, that is going to make the using of the Mixer window much more convenient!
thanks, cheers)


That has been much discussed previously. I'm hopeful to see improvements in future versions of MuseScore.

I'm not seeing a Feature request for this, maybe someone else knows if it exists.

I agree. I am learning to not scroll (as usual) but instead to click and drag the window's bar.

Another request is for a Deselect All Solo button to return all Mute/Solo choice to not selected.

Thank you for this fantastic piece of software. I'm 72 and spent many years as a performing musician. Since I discovered Musescore I have become a much better musician. I wish this had been available to me 50 years ago!

Keep up the great work.

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