• Oct 2, 2017 - 20:32

How do you delete a single note that you didn't realise had been repeated without getting a rest in it's place or maybe the question should be how do you delete a rest?


You cannot delete a voice one rest. The bar must always be "filled" with appropriate place holders for a full bar.

Soichi's suggestion allows you to hide them, which may suit your needs.

Or maybe the question should be "how do I move all my other notes backwards"?
And then the answer is "copy and paste".

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Hmm , unless you actually intend to create music with a different number of beats, you shouldn't be doing that. If the problem is you simply entered a note twice making everything after that too late, then as mentioned, simply use copy (or cut) and paste. That is, select the notes that you want moved earlier, cut, click the note or rest where you want to move that passage to, paste. No need to delete the note or rest first.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to attach your score and show us where the problem is and we can give you more precise instructions.

And if you -do- intend to provide for a different number of beats, that's a change in the time-signature. You can, in fact, change the time signature as many times as you wish.

If, for example, a piece of music that's normally in 4/4 time contains a 6-beat phrase, you might notate that phrase as 6/4 and then revert to 4/4.

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