Triplets and Real Time Note Entry

• Oct 2, 2017 - 22:01

I like Automatic Real Time Note Entry Mode, but I've discovered a problem with trying to enter triplets in this mode. Suppose I want to enter the following rhythm: crotchet, three triplet quavers, crotchet, three triplet quavers. I have crotchet selected as the note value. I tap a note once to enter the first crotchet. Then I press Cmd-3 to start a triplet. I the tap three notes to enter the triplet. Change the note value back to crotchet and tap a note to enter the next crotchet. Press Cmd-3 to begin entering the second triplet. Tap three notes and the first two are fine but the third has a short duration followed by some rests. This happens every time I attempt to enter any kind of triplet at the end of a bar. For example, if I enter three crotchet triplets on beats 3 and 4 of a 4/4 bar, the last crotchet is always short. Triplets entered on earlier beats are fine (see attached file for examples).I can correct this by coming out of Note Entry and correcting the duration of the short note. The only way I can enter triplets successfully first time is using default step entry mode. Is there a way round this? Is it a bug?

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Any progress on this? It's a major problem when entering new scores! Seems to apply in both auto and manual real-time note entry modes, and not just triplets - most other tuplets as well, but not all.
Only workaround I've found is entering rests when near the end of a bar, then filling in the notes later. Currently using 3.2.2, but seems to be the same in 3.2.3 as well.

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Thanks Marc. I should have mentioned that I'm using the Linux AppImage, and I've tried -d and -L options and not seen any debug output, so nothing useful there.
I should also mention that with a tuple value of 2, 4 or 8 it works perfectly (although totally unnecessary for those values), so it's almost working. The problem looks to me like a mathematical error working out the remaining space in the bar, so I suspect there's a rounding error in a division and it's trying to fit in a tiny tiny rest to fill the space. Interesting that the problem doesn't occur putting in tuplet rests, only with notes.
If my guess is right, it might be quite easy to locate and fix - but just now I really don't have the time to look at the code as I'm working flat out arranging music...

For now I'll just enter the first note of each triplet set and pad with rests, then come back later and fill in using step-time.

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