Mixed slash (/) and TAB staffs

• Oct 5, 2017 - 01:29

I am trying to do something which I don't think is possible, but how close
can I come?

I want a treble clef staff line filled with slashes, say 4/4 time, and under it a guitar TAB line where I can enter std tab notation. And the two will align timing wise. For example:
staff meas 1 has 4 slashes (/)
under it TAB measure 1 has two 1/4 notes, then two 1/8 notes, then one 1/4 note.
The two 1/8s would begin under the 3rd slash, and the last 1/4 note is under the 4th slash.
(of course notes in TAB are the fret #s)

Any suggestions?

Dick Penny


Set up a standard guitar with tab setup (solo guitar with tab template will do this). Enter the notes (or tab numbers) so the notes will be in the treble staff and fret numbers in the TAB. Select the treble clef where you want slashes and use the edit->tools->fill with slashes. You now have slashes in voice 2 on the treble staff. Select the treble staff again an use the filter selector (F6) and uncheck voice 1. Press V to make the notes invisible. There are also slashes in the TAB in voice 2. Select the TAB staff and check voice 1 and uncheck voice 2. Press V and the slashes in the TAB will become invisible. Remember to check voice 2 again to avoid problems later.

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mike320 - thanks a lot for your clear answer. I never would have thought of two voices. The whole concept of "voices" has given such PAIN in stuff I have imported (from other score programs) that I have avoided anything to do with them.

But I learned herein.


Dick Penny

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I just went through you suggestion with several variations. While I get the concept, I cannot get the details to work.
In particular:
1) selecting treble clef doesn't do anything, I need to select measures on treble clef staff
2) F6 shows select check-boxes, but I can't get them to have any effect. To select voice 1 notes, I need to select one note, right-click>select similar>more now check-box "same voice."
3) "V" doesn't do anything unless check-box in "VIEW" tab is set correctly, I fixed this, but
4) it also hid the notes on TAB staff, and
5) it left all note stems + bars on treble staff.

Am I just making silly mistakes, or is splitting the notation amongst two voices and then hiding one voice just too error prone? Again, I have always found "voices" a real PAIN.


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Sorry for the misunderstanding. I said to select the treble clef and I meant the entire line of music on the treble clef, perhaps by selecting the first measure and pressing ctrl-shift-end. If you select only the notes, only the note heads will become invisible. While this is selected, uncheck voice 2 so only voice 1 notes are selected. Press V and the notes will either disappear or turn light gray. They are light gray if in the view menu you have "Show hidden" checked, otherwise the disappear.

For the TAB staff, check voice 2 and uncheck voice 1 before pressing V.

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