I Cannot Connect, please help

• May 7, 2014 - 10:23

I try to connect but all I get is some German starting with Verbingdung etc. and underneath "to connect with the community you need to have internet connection enabled."

Please help.



You mean you can't connect MuseScore (the program) to MuseScore.com (the score sharing website)?
Did it ever work or is this your first attempts? Are you behind a firewall and/or using a proxy?

As far as I can see there's nothing wrong with musescore.com, I can connect to it.

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Thank you Jo jo for your reply.

Yes it is the score using website that I cannot get online to. the program is fine. I had it on another computer and downloaded it again on this new laptop. The other works ok, this one has never let me go online. I found this morning German? Datei kann nicht geoffret warden etc.
I do use zone alarm firewall and do not know what proxy is.

Is this enough for you to get an idea what is happening?



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In that case I suspect that User Account Control is set to its most paranoid setting.

Launch the Control Panel and open up the User Accounts section.

You can check on User Account Control settings there.

I'm a bit puzzled as to why you're using Zone Alarm firewall. The Windows firewall in Windows 8 is perfectly adequate for security, and it could be a clash between the two firewalls which is preventing you from connecting.

The other culprit could be Internet Explorer, which, again, could have security settings set which are preventing you from connecting.

Personally I would like to see Internet Explorer expunged from every computer ever made, particularly in the light of the most recent security hole discovered which is going to leave all Windows XP users still using Explorer wide open to hacker attack.

I would suggest that if you are using Internet Explorer to downgrade it to Windows Update duties and to use Firefox, Chrome or one of the other more secure alternatives.

Anyway check your Internet Explorer security settings to make sure they're not preventing access to MuseScore.com - you may find you need to add MuseScore.com to the Trusted Sites list.


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