Problem with Repeat Text Size

• May 7, 2014 - 19:18

In attached score, when I attach a repeat marker (e.g segno, "D.S. al Coda", etc, ) they show as very large font size, and I can't find a way to adjust the size. This behavior seems to have changed from the last time I used the repeat markers... The font size is currently set at 8 pt, but still seems overlarge.

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The default size of repeat text for any given score is controlled by Style / Edit Text Style / Repeat Text. The default for new scores created from scratch is 12pt. But I am guessing you created this starting from the "Jazz Big Band" templates. I tried to make the "jazz" templates override this to instead use 20 pt, as most jazz charts in fact do have these large markings. This value would then be scaled down according to the Layout / Page Settings / Space setting. Realistically, the value chosen is about right for the segno and coda signs themselves, but admittedly large for the letters.

But unfortunately, the "Repeat Text" style seems rather buggy in 1.X, and even though I would set it in the template, it gets reset when you create a score. That would actually result in these symbols being too small, not too large, but another bug is that these symbols don't seem to scale properly. Since the big band template has a Space setting of only 1.000mmm in order to fit all the instruments on one page, all fonts should appear only around 60% of their nominal size. And this works for most texts - but not repeat texts for some reason.

This will all be much improved in 2.0, I'm happy to see.

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