Musescore wont play my score

• May 17, 2014 - 17:05

I can try to play my score. It will look like I'm playing my score, but no sound will come out. It sounds fine on but I can't hear it in the software.


Did it work before then stop, or has it never played? What version of MuseScore, what operating system? If you go to Display -> Synthesizer, is the volume turned up? Is a soundfont selected? Is "Use internal synthesizer" checked? What do you see in Edit / Preferences/ I/O?

It worked on an older version, but it hasn't since I updated to 1.3 version. It has a pop-up window everytime I try to open musescore and it says that the soundfont has failed. The volume is turned up, it says a soundfont is selected; but, like I said, the pop-up says it failed. "Use internal synthesizer is checked", and "Portaudio" but that is all that I see in Edit/Preferences/I/O. Within the "Portaudio" it says for Api MME and Device Microsoft Sound Mapper-Output

I just tried reverting to factory settings, but nothing changed. I still cant play anything back in the application, and I still get that little popup every time musescore opens.

I cannot choose anything else. When I open the folder to choose another path, there will be no other options to choose from. I can go to Musescore/bin then the only two things that come up are "iconengines" and "imageformats" folders. Both of the folders are empty. Bin is the only thing under musescore.

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What OS are you on?

It sounds like your installation failed. Maybe the system crashed in the middle of the istallation or something like that? There should be several more folders than "bin" under the main installation folder - styles, templates, etc. So maybe uninstall 1.3 and try reinstalling.

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