Templates missing?

• May 19, 2014 - 01:56

I'm having the most peculiar issue with a string quartet template I created. I was told that in order to create a template, I should simply save a file to the templates folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore\templates). After doing this, I am able to access the template I created from the Create New Score dialog. However, I would like to remove the template and replace it with an updated version. But alas, when I went to delete the template, it is nowhere to be found in the \templates directory. It is still in the Create New Score dialog though.

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...why not simply create the updated version and save it with the exact same name as the old template?
Windows may protest: 'the file already exists, do you wish to overwrite?'
Answer: Yes.

Have you done a system wide search for 'String quartet.mscz'?


As a footnote.....

It's good practice to save templates in .mscx format - not the compressed version .mscz

We are trying to standardise this for MuseScore 2

So it would be a good idea to start developing a good habit :)

It also has the advantage of being immediately distinguishable from your ordinary score files :)

BTW have you got the Display hidden files option checked?

If not that could explain why your template isn't visible.

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