I would like the option to skip certain notes during playback

• Oct 13, 2017 - 06:53

I would like the option to skip certain notes during playback (perhaps to skip notes that are in parentheses, or notes of a specified color).

There are a couple of situations in which this might be useful:

(1) I might want to try an alternate note, but keep the original note on the score for reference.

(2) I might want a reminder note at the end of a line to clue me in to what is coming in the next line. In this, case, I would like to also skip the beat - the time that that phantom note would have taken up.

What facilities are currently available to accomplish this? I have tried voices, but that is awkward to implement, and the two sets of opposing stems do not look like the original score.

Extra staves present a similar issue.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.



You can silence certain note(s) by selecting them and then, in the Inspector, unticking the 'Play' button.

To change opposing stems, use different voices (e.g. voices 1 and 3, instead of voices 1 and 2).
Regardless of the voice assigned, any stem can be flipped by selecting and then typing the keyboard shortcut 'X'.


For the reminder notes specifically, you might attempt using 'grace note after'. They currently lack playback and are by default shown a bit smaller.

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