time sig does not count beats

• May 24, 2014 - 21:31

mxl file has 4 quarter notes but when copied to piano stave adds extra beat in mscz. I need to do bass & treble separately as it cannot work out the split between clefs


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Brolly1.mxl 4.29 KB
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I see what you mean - the first measure has 4 and a half beats when imported into MuseScore 1.3. I suspect the file itself is to blame - that it was not created correctly - but it does load as expected into a development build of 2.0, so if there was a bug in MuseScore, it seems fixed already. I've exported the result from the 2.0 development build, and the result does load as expected into 1.3, which does indeed suggest something was wrong - or at least unusual - about the original file.

I have attached the result, which should now work for you.

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Brolly1_1-fixed.xml 64.94 KB

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