Musescore doesn't quit - process has to be killed via Task Manager every time

• Jun 5, 2014 - 23:34

Hi everybody

I'm new and I've just installed Musecore a couple of days ago. Evertime I quit the program it was not possible to start it again. Finally I've found out that the "mscore.exe" process is always active in the Task Manager. When I kill it via TM I can start Musescore again, and every time again when I quit Musescore I can't start it anymore before I kill the mscore.exe process via TM.

I've installed the latest version. I'm using Win XP SP3. Any other, older release that doesn't have this bug?



I don't think it's a bug in MuseScore per se - it doesn't seem to affect anyone else. More likely it's some other program on your system that is interfering with MuseScore - a program that has replaced a DLL, installed an incompatible device driver, or whatever. So I doubt reverting to an earlier version of MuseScore would change anything. But I also suspect finding the source of the conflict will be difficult, unless it happens to be something listed under Known incompatibilities .

I'm sure you're aware that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and that systems running XP are now the equivalent of Typhoid Mary - I'd make upgrading your OS the first priority. That might solve the problem right there.

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