very easy but powerful: new play panel checkboxes.

• Oct 22, 2017 - 23:12

Please add some simple checkbox to the "play panel". I am a music teacher using MuseScore for my pubils and would find this very useful. And it would be easy to implement.

new Checkbox "silent loop"
If activated, every second loop would be played "silent" - which means that only the metronome can be heard (if activated), but no MIDI sound from the instruments.

Use of this: such a "silent loop" would be very useful to people who use the loop function to practise their instrument. Those can then listen to a passage and subsequently are given time to imitate it. After that they hear it once again to compare, and so on. This is something else, and often better, then hearing the passage all the time while practising oneself.

Checkbox "Silent cursor"

If activated, the "play panel" would check where the cursor stands in the edit window when playback starts and whenever the cursor changes its position. It would then always de-activate just the instrument where the active Cursor stands, simply by calling the mixer in the background, while all other instruments are played.

Use of this: very often, a learner wants to hear accompainment and play only "his" instrument himself in addition. A quick method to switch this instrument on and of (once to hear how it has to be played, then to practice it) would be very powerful!

Bonus to "silent loop":
There would be two useful (and also easy-to-create) additions to the "silent loop" feature.

The first would be a field where the user can enter a number of beats by which the "silent" loop phase is lengthened. So he could, after hearing, collect himself and use the additional beats as a count-in by choice. Even better: make the existing "Play count-in" more flexible by replacing the by a input-field where the user can enter how many beats this count-in should have (which would be zero by default) and then create a second checkbox to do this count-in before the "silent" loop.

The second would be another checkbox which would combine "silent loop" with "silent cursor" - when activated, not all MIDI voices would be silent but only the one with the cursor in it.

Thanks a lot for your great work.

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