My Score didn't save?

• Oct 23, 2017 - 21:53

So today I spent at least 8 hours working on a score. I clicked save, and exited musescore. A couple minutes later, I open the same score, and 2/3 of the score is gone. Did I do something wrong?


You didn't in fact open the same score - must have been one of a similar name or of the same name but in a different folder. The trick will be in figuring out where the one your saved actually is. If there was a crash and MsueScore had to restore what you were working on at some point in the past, that restored score does not get saved to the same location as the original. The actual location depends on your OS and how you started MuseScore. Do a full search of your hard drive - including things like the "virtual store" if on Windows - looking for files modified within the past 24 hours (or whatever) and you should find it.

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MuseScore saves a file to the exact folder you ask it to. The only exception is that immediately after a crash, MuseScore tries to recover an "autosaved" version it saves to a special location just for this occasion. If you elect to use this recovered file and don't then explicitly save it yourself, you would indeed then be using the autosaved version rather than your actual file. But still, save is save, and it does get saved. To find your autosave files, see

But there is no such thing as saving in another version of MsueScore. Scores are just plain ordinary files stored in plain ordinary folder - there is no such thing as saving a file "in" MuseScore. A file is a file.

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