Export/import MIDI files to DAW but sampling completely different

• Oct 24, 2017 - 17:08

I have been using Musescore to create and import MIDI files into a DAW. Then I record live over it. BUT the midi files sound (sample) different in DAW , like worse. This is CUBASE which seems to totally suck at this. Anyone use a DAW that can playback a MIDI file with decent sound(at least as good as Musescore playback) or that supports MIDI sample import, as opposed to just MIDI file import and plays with whatever half assed sample the DAW happens to have embedded?????
Don't know if anyone else has used Musescore as a MIDI file generator.


MIDI files don't have any sound, but basically just pitches and the hint at some GM sound patch to use. Which sound then gets used by the MIDI playing application is up to that program

Oct 24, 2017 - 18:50

My guess is that it is the samples. not the DAW. You might try exporting WAV or recording directly into the DAW. In this way, you will have the audio with fonts rendered by Fluid/Zita On the other hand, there are plenty of commercial samples from Native and Garritan that map onto MIDI files.

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