File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.

• Oct 25, 2017 - 04:21

Whenever I try to upload this file, I get this message: "File upload error. Could not move uploaded file."
I have tried to find solutions, even in the forums, but havent found anything. I have closed out of everything except chrome, made a copy, and even restarted my computer. Does anybody know how to fix this? Im using 2.1 by the way.


It seems to be a bug of 2.1, as I cannot upload it either, and it doesn't work with any other of my scores. Uninstalling/reinstalling and repairing haven't made a difference.

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Could you attach here your score?
Use the "File attachments" option at the bottom of the page, just above the Save and Preview buttons when you're typing your post. Click on Choose a file is currently under maintenance. We expect to be back up in a few hours. Thank you for your patience and we'll keep you posted.

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