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XP M.S.2.1
I started a new score. Chose a template(concert band). I deleted 2,3 parts( I prefer Fl 1, 2 to 1 Fl, 2 Fl), sax group and added a few other winds. The staves were too close to work on without increasing % for score, then shifting up down all the time. I increased the space between the lines(would be nice to highlight several staves and change all at once), but clef and time signatures were just too small. How would I get these items to a larger size? Yes, I tried highlight/ edit element. For clef, I believe, edit element did nothing and time signature, edit element was grayed.(those options might be opposite) Am I forgetting something? I gave up, but would like to know how. Thanks for any thoughts.


Please attache your score, you've trouble with and describe what happen and what you expect to see, so that we could give better suggestions.

Indeed, hard to say without the score. But based on your description, it sounds like you acty change staff size, line distance, and/or staff distance when all you really shod have done is zoom in. Mentioning the time signature being too small is something that makes me think you may have made an adjustment to line distance, which is never the right thing to do unless you are trying to create some sort of experimental notation.

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Marc Thanks for responding
Again, sorry for the delay. I thought I had responded last week...Not, apparently.
Yes, as my post said I increased the space between the lines of each staff. The distance was then just as needed, to comfortably work with the score. As I tried to imply, I did not wish to to increase the % size of the score or zoom.(and there is nothing experimental with this, just a good size to work and a good fit to the page)Since you did not address the 'edit element' problem, do I assume that the function does not work when using templates? If so, then I know I will not use large score templates again... as I ended up doing in this case. I did not mention before, but as I am sure you know the notes also were too small for the staves, but I did not try to enlarge the' point' size because of the problem with time sig & clef. Again, this may not be a problem with other OS's, if so, nothing further needs to be considered.

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As I explained previously, if the goal was just to make it bigger on screen to be easier to work with, you should not have done any of the things you did. All you should do is use the Zoom function. The other things you did are what caused the very problems you are reporting, and that's exactly why you shoudln't do those things.
So next time, just zoom in, leave the staff line distance alone. That should never be changed unless you are creating experimental notation.

As for "edit element", it is for making small manual adjustments to the position of something using the cursor keys - again, not something you would normally ever need to do for clefs or time signatures or anything like that. If you stick to zoom, or to changing the scaling if you also wish to making the staves bigger in the printed score and not just on screen, then you will find the clefs and time signatures exactly the right size and position already.

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