Some Chords Missing from Parts

• Oct 29, 2017 - 18:01

After doing File > Parts on the attached, it seems the chords that start in the middle of measures are missing from all three parts,eg, no F chords.

This file is pared down from a much bigger file that originated in Finale. I opened it in Finale NotePad, exported as XML, imported that into MS.

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As your score stands, it's unclear on which beat the chord changes occur. Do you plan on filling the measures with notes?

In any event, after you generate the parts, toggle multi-measure rests off when viewing a part. The keyboard shortcut is M.
This will place the chord changes in the correct measures, but it's still unclear upon which beat each chord change occurs:


For Slash notation, see:


Before you use slash notation, delete the 'Solo' text that appears in your score between measures 10 & 11.
It's dragged out of position from the staff it's anchored to and will crash the program.


The problem indeed is the mutlimeasure rests - there is nowhere to display the other chords. Only initial text will display in measures covered by a multimeasure rest. You'd need to disable the multimeasure rests to see the actual content.

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