Beginner Composer - Tips?

• Jun 12, 2014 - 23:02

Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to composing. I attempt to create stuff but I never exactly think it's good. I'm not sure if it's the perfectionist in me of if it really sucks. I really want to make marching music and possibly create a show one day. Can anyone give me any kind of tips? It'd be greatly appreciated.


Write something every day.
Don't judge it in comparison with others, rather with how close you came to achieving what you wanted.
As you continue your knowledge and ideas will grow.
Don't give up.
Enjoy yourself and try not to be too critical.

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If I uploaded kind of something I have right now could you give your opinions? I actually just started writing this one not long ago. It's not like all pieced up but I got kind of what I want as far as main parts go... Maybe give ideas for accompaniment?

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I'm always happy to give advice and constructive opinion if it would help.

The most important thing about composition is to get a good grounding in basic theory and also in musical form.

Once you have done that then it will be fine to break the rules if you want to for effect, but you really need to know and understand the rules, and also why they were made - although I sometimes wonder why in some cases myself.


I often think of music as similar to sculpture. There's a great shape in there if I can just knock off the parts that are wrong.

Of course, with music, you can't know what is wrong until you experience it so "mistakes" are gifts.

Keep writing.

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