Cannot export a score

• Sep 5, 2009 - 19:42

Hi everyone,

I am a very new (installed it today) MuseScore on Ubuntu user and I'm pretty sure this is one of the best notation programs around (I'm switching from Sibelius). I had a few obstacles here and there that I managed to overcome but this one I don't get: I cannot export any score into any format (I'm interested in pdf). I have my score open in MuseScore, I go to File > Save As, I type the file name "score", I choose where to save it (desktop), I choose the format (for example pdf) and I finally click on Save. Nothing happens. I tried with the promenade demo score and the same thing happens.
Please help!



I wish to write a passage in three staves: two for piano, one for unpitched percussion. I would like the piano part to be in 3-4 time but the percussion part to be in 2-4 time (the total number of beats in the passage will be the same as in the piano part; they're just "grouped" differently in the percussion part). Is this possible? I just tried changing the meter on the percussion staff by double-clicking the 2-4 on the palette, but it changed the meter of all staves.

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