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• Jun 17, 2014 - 11:15

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Hi guys...i'm working on a big band score for my Jazz University, i'm doing it with musescore can you help me with one thing ? i can't
put the "kicks over time" for the drum track.... Thank You in advance !!!

Can anyone help?


Depends what appearance you want. Here I have used a simple stave (flute, but it doesn't matter) and done the following:

1] Place notes at top of stave
2] Move any rests up to the top
3] Using the Second Voice, enter crotchets (whole notes)
4] Turn the crotchets' noteheads into slashes and tick the "Stemless" box

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The way I set up drum set in the Jazz Big Band template, it's reasonably easy to do this. I made "G" be the keyboard shortcut to enter a slash in voice 1 (the "time" part); you just have to remove the stems manually. The shortcut "F" enters a note in voice 3 - so stem up - just above the staff - this is how one can enter "kicks". If desired, you can also mark the voice 3 notes small.

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