Lyrics formatting and selection

• Sep 6, 2009 - 21:48

I have imported a .xlm file with lyric lines, is there any way to select the text to change the format? If i change the text style of the lyrics it does not change, the font will change but the size remains the same.
Attached file, the lyrics need to be made bigger, how do I do this?
Is there a way of realigning lyrics if they are resized individually?
Generally a lyrics line needs to be of the same format and position for the whole staff.
I am new to musescore so excuse me if i am missing something obvious..

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This is a known limitation in 0.9.5.

However this is possible in the latest prerelease. Right-click on a lyric syllable and choose "Text Properties". Make sure you check "apply to all elements of the same type".

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