Piano roll editor?? Why isn't it doing anything

• Nov 14, 2017 - 02:55

I only just learned this existed, so I'll probably regret asking when the answer proves to have been something like "click the big green OK button," but I'm feeling short on options. I can clearly see how it OUGHT to work: the notes of my score are all there, I can click on them, I can type a number into the OnTime box, but then… nothing. The number stays as I typed it, but there's no change on the display or in playback. I've tried a range of numbers as inputs to see if I was in the wrong ballpark. The Len(gth) input behaves the same way, and Velocity and Pitch don't even allow me to change them. I did crash MuseScore once.

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This feature is a little strange. (buggy?)
1. Open the PianoRoll editor,
2. Make changes,
3. (Important!) Do not close the PianoRoll editor.
4. Switch to the main window. (and "save" (Ctrl+S) is recommended, but not required)
5. Now, reopen PianoRoll editor. (while pianoroll editor is open (in other window), right click on same staff and click on "Pianoroll Editor" again)
Your changes will be visible.

So, you can make multiple event selections, but cannot change them all at once.
Notice: Len. : Relative (thousandths) value by selected note's full-length value: 1000 = 100%, 500= 50%, 250= 25%, 333=33.3% and so on.

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