Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and Newly Discovered (Whole Brain Thinking Needed!) Dysmusia + Visual, Blind, Life's Difficulties and Disabilites

• Nov 22, 2017 - 09:19

Want to know why 95% of the world are NOT going to read, play, learn or bother with the awesome creativty you and everyone who composes on MuseScore lovingly creates???? Read on!

First, an explanation of this post from me The Dynamite Dyslexic. I could have used spell check throught but left you to see how i nromally type!

I know (from my attempt to contact MuseScore before) that my now publsihed UK Patent Application -see it on www.emojigmusic.org - of Emoji-Go! Music Notation System which is ready for the beta launch at the Bett British Education Training and Technology Show Jan 2018, may seem and anathema to 'open source'.

Bear with me. I haven't been able to read or play music for 50 years so it's personal!

Also I wanted to show to the community how I used MuseScore 'Happy Birthday' in the Patent as an example of hwo Musecore can be used to help not jsut 20% of the population with learning and other disabilites (like me!) but everyone! How? With spectrum based lines and/or notes (which don't need the Emoji-Go! Characters of Smileys when learning - so open source it is!!!). Trouble is as I undersatn its a 'workaround' and even after buying the Musescore manual (as a dyslexic) I am left clueless how to use it!

I also would love to make the awesome MuseScore community aware of all my research and developmetn of over 500 Patents ( cited in the UK Patent) as the huge number of attempts to change the 1,000 year old Traditional Music Notation System TNS with its inherent '6 inconssitencies' as cited in a US Patent; but with only one (passing) reference - in all of them - to dyslexia; and thus why I wanted to formalise the thinking and expalin it to everyone in a Patent - then make it free for learners via Musecore sheet music and only try to recoup costs trhough printed materals etc.

I hope to see anyone or everyone using the MuseScore application of spectrum based Staves and Tabs whethr or not based on my dissability sytem to create and publishe thier own music FREE to use for users of all ages and abilites.

If not then I ask that my 25,000 word Patent Application created with the help of a team with learning disabilites and no musical background highilghts the huge issues that 20% of the population face; and show some of the 500 Patents and attempts cited in the Application htat highlight how difficult music learning, playing and teaching is: AND for the other 80% of the world's population stuck with learning or using Guido D'Arezzo's 1,000 year old system.

So I hope it helps MuseScore writers and any teachers really understand why people like me can't read (therefore play or teach) using the TNS Traditional Music Notation System.

It's great as I read, Musescore doing Braille development. The problem is the other 99% of the 8 billion of us! Even the gifted are stuck with mind numbing 'it takes 7 years' as cited and monochrome i.e. dull system developed for choristers.

That's it - there's a lot more in the 25.000 words and 3 years of my life writing, develoing and testing this and 50 years of frustration!

Yous Truly The Dynamite Dyslexic aka Kevin Thomson

Hope oyu can check it out. I did it as a service to everyone in the title of this post adn the writers and treachers who (unkowingly) create art that people jsut cant recognise, undersatnd or use. Thansk (Got emotional at the end having gone back to re-read this so spelling got worse!
Here's the link to the Patent Application with references to MuseScore throughout!

The one pager draft of the EMOJI-GO! MUSIC 'Lesson Chooser' Emojis is the diagram. It's a draft ready for beta testing in 2018.

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