Files increasing to 200kb when normally only 45kb or so

• Dec 4, 2017 - 21:24

One of my files has jumped up to 200kb for no reason i can work out. This has happenend in the past and i have selected all and posted to a new template where it reverted to it's normal size.
This one just keeps crashing when i try to do that. Can anyone explain why the file size should increase like this and maybe how to fix it?


Most likely the score has added about 60,000 slurs that are bogus (I'm serious about the number). If you upload the score someone can verify this theory and if I'm correct, fix it. If I'm not correct someone can figure out what happened.

A quick test of my theory is to find several slurs throughout the score (one at a time), select them and delete them. If some of them are still there I'm sure I'm right. If I'm wrong then you can close your score without saving or undo the deletes.

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