Chord symbols - where to edit display

• Dec 6, 2017 - 23:28

I'm adding chord symbols to my piano score for ease of reading in fast passages.

When I add "Fmin" it displays as "F-". I want it to remain as I've typed it.

I've gone to Style/Text/Chord Symbol, and I've looked at the editing properties, but there seems nowhere to change this behaviour. Are there settings elsewhere that I'm missing?


Found it .. nm .. used a different chord symbol style.
It appears I cannot delete my own posts, so have updated instead.

For the record though - if you use the default settings in MuseScore 2.x, or indeed any of the regular supported options (Standard / Jazz etc) then if you type Fmin, it stays Fmin. It would only change to F- if you were using one of the old, no-longer-supported-for-new-scores chord description files from 1.x, or if you created your own custom one.

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Thanks for that. ... How odd. ...
I have all default settings, and have no custom styles.
When I attempted to import a new style, the dialogue box pointed to a MuseScore2 directory in /My Documents/, where the /Styles/ directory was empty. All the styles files are present in the actual install directory (/Program Files (x86)/), but the program didn't open to that location when I wanted to import.

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