Multi-bar Rest- Notation Query

• Dec 9, 2017 - 11:07

I have a piece for my choir where I have music for the men which does not include the accompaniment. There is separate music for the accompaniment.
There's an intro for the accompaniment of 3 full bars plus 2 and a half beats and then the voices join. See attached file "Accompaniment.jpg".
On the original version for the choir-men, the intro is shown as a 4-bar multi-rest. (see voices.jpg) but the intro is not a full 4 bars.
I've laid out the music for the voices showing a 3 bar multi-rest plus the additional 2 and half beats. (see query.mscz).
My query: What is the correct way to notate this for the singers? A 4 bar multi-rest OR a 3 bar multi-rest plus the 2 and half beats.
I've looked in Gould but can't see anything relevant.
Advice greatly appreciated.

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Regardless of how "rules" say this should be layed out, I like your suggestion of adding the piano notes as a cue using small notes in that last intro bar.

That's what I shall do, it's helpful for the singers to know what's coming.

Thanks again.

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