Release pedal during caesura (playback)

• Dec 12, 2017 - 23:45

In my score I have a short pause between verses, which should be silent. Unfortunately, since the pedal is down immediately before the caesura, the notes continue to ring out. This is such a small issue but it seems like it should be so easily solved; does anyone have a workaround that won't be visible?

Edit: Added screenshot.

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Good thought, but no dice. If I do that, the pedal will be released too early.

(Please open my attachment in MuseScore.)
So... in the attachment example 2 is too early.

Well then...
Have a listen to example 1 where I placed half notes with quarter note heads followed by a 'fake' rest symbol from the Symbols palette (shortcut is Z).

Another way...
Using the Piano Roll editor in example 3, I increased the length of the notes before the caesura.


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That's really clever, but it doesn't really solve the problem on its own, because the pedal still rings through the caesura. I'm curious about why the pedal line doesn't seem functional in your example score; is there a way to disable it that I'm missing?

Update: I was able to copy and paste it from yours. I've fixed the problem for now. I'd still like to know, though.

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