How to fit more bars onto 1 page?

• Dec 15, 2017 - 02:33

I try to explain short and simple.

I found some piano sheet music online and I want to shrink (whatever the term is called) the page so I want to fit more bars on 1 page so I don't have to flip the page when I play.

For example.
I want to be like this
but my current one looks like this
as you can see the one I have is huge and it has fewer bars. I have seen some sheets with more bars than the one I want, but I do not how to do this :(

basically, I want to fit as many bars on 1 page but obviously not all the bars because then I cant see the notes. How do I do this?

Appreciate the help. If you can help me I can send you the PDF file to you.

I will return something back in return :D

Hope you people understand, my england gramma is very bad.


Looks like the music in the first example is much smaller, so definitely shrink the staff size using Layout / Page Settings / Staff space. The reduce stretch command may also help. But realzie that the lyrics will take more space - your first score doesn't have any. Also, for some reason it looks like you have enabled the option to show the staff name ("Piano") even though this is not needed, and this is also taking up space. Go to Style / General and turn that back off.

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