How to make the title be on the score

• Dec 24, 2017 - 03:29

Hello, some time ago I entered a score made by me and I realized that randomly the title was separated on one page and the score on the next page...

How do I get it back to being a "normal and well done" score as they all are?


Hard to say without seeing the score in question. Also not sure what you mean by "normal and well done
- it's actually common in published music for the title to have a separate page, if the score is for a large ensemble and the title wouldn't fit on the first page of music. So if that's the case here, you could just leave it alone and be done. But otherwise, you may need to reduce your staff size or increase the page size to fit the title. Or if there is a page break on the title frame, remove it. Again, if you post your score we can advise better.

I have a similar problem. I uploaded a piece to the website and noticed that I misspelled the title. Is there any way to fix it without deleting it and reposting?

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