Text alignment for Copyright information that has two lines.

• Jan 1, 2018 - 16:16

In the score it looks centered, but when I upload the score it is off a little bit on the second line. I never use the copyright function in the "score properties" tab because it isn't flexible enough and my copyright information has more that one line. What I usually do is create a subtitle so it is centered on the page, and drop the information down to a place in the score at the bottom...I use my engraving eye for placement. So I have one question: 1. Is there a better way to implementing Copyright information so that it is centered in the score and when I view it on Musescore? How would you do this differently? Thank you. I attached the score and the link.


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The "All Rights Reserved" is slightly to the right, off balance, with the "A" underneath the "D". But in the score I made it balanced. I wish there was a way that we could align text, I feel that I have to fiddle too much with text in Musescore.

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Thank you Shoichi, I will start doing this now but I am not completely sold on this method because there is no way to bring down the text ever so slightly, and its position is based upon a margin control size. I don't like the fact that its position is set in stone and cannot be adjusted. Thank you.

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It can be adjusted - by changing the margin (or the text style). That's what you want. You don't want the position of the copyright text to change every time you make an adjustment to the music that happens to result in a measure shifting left or right or up or down. The copyright goes in the footer, that's the correct use of the feature and produces the correct result.

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