Trills timing limit problem

• Jan 1, 2018 - 16:40

If tempo is faster than 120 bpm, trills do not play at all in my PC. Since I need faster tempo, I have to increase the play speed to 115%. This plays the trills but makes it complicated to adjust all tempos and play speed correctly later in other parts. Is this a hardware related limit, or code hard coded limit or is there some kind of soft limit could adjust to allow faster tempos?



There are hard coded limits. It's not just about tempo, I think, but also about duration of the note. The idea is that real musicians don't actually play trills faster at faster tempos, they just put fewer alternations, and at some point there just isn't time. The current algorithm isn't perfect at emulating this, but do keep in mind the primary purpose of MsueScore is notation, not playback.

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