Step-by-step creation of simple title page and Instrument page using frames and text.

• Jan 4, 2018 - 22:29

I need some help trying to figure how to add frames to a blank page in Musescore. First off, I want to say thank you to lasconic for creating the Instrumentation page, but I was such in a rush that I forgot to even ask how the he did it. So if I could get some detailed instructions I would be most thankful. Here are my questions.

  1. How do I add a two blank pages in front of the score? Should I create them after I finish composing or before?

  2. For my title page, which is super old school and simple, how should I add the frames to the page so that I can make a consistent and dependable layout from score to score? 1 Frame for title and subtitle, 1 frame for composer name, and 1 frame for publishing company on bottom?

  3. lasconic created the Instrumentation page, how did he do it? How do I add one more so I can put the "Note:.." info in a frame rather than creating a text box which I think is a bad Musescore habit I have using.

  4. How do I add frames to a blank page and how do I create a blank page.

Thank you.

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1) To create a blank page, select the first measure of your score (or the title frame that occurs before it, if present) and go to Add / Frames / Insert Vertical Frame. This gives you a new blank area to add text, images, etc. And you can add a page break to it to put it on a page by itself. You can do this at any time.

2) See above. Frames are not added to pages - they are inserted in front of measures. Once a frame is added, then you can add page breaks to control whether it appears on a page by itself or not.

3) Not sure what he did, but to create multiple columns of text, insert one or more horizontal frames within the text frame, then size and position them as desired. Now you can enter text into the horizontal frame and is is aligned into a column.

4) See answer to 1) and 2). You don't create pages - blank or otherwise. You add measures and/or frames, and then use page breaks to control the division of this into pages.

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