Palette items not dragging

• Jan 9, 2018 - 05:03

I understand that there have been others on this site who have experienced the same problem, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find any suitable or helpful answers to it.
The problem is, I was just working on a score and I was about to drag on a time signature change from the palette bar, and it wouldn't drag - as in, the item wouldn't follow my cursor to the place I was dragging it. It is not that I was doing anything wrong, as it was working mere minutes earlier on the same score, but I'm assuming it has something to do with the program. I have tried exiting and reopening the same score, opening a different score instead, and restarting my computer, but none of them have made a difference.
This has become incredibly inconvenient, because although some items from the palettes can be imported simply by clicking on the wanted bar/note and then double-clicking on the item from the palette, others are not - for example, I'm pretty sure the page/line breaks need to be dragged on in order to function.
The same thing is happening for all items in all the palettes - I cannot drag any of them onto the score. And, in case you were wondering, the same thing is happening for the master palette (Shift+F9).

If someone can explain how to fix this, I will be extremely grateful. Does it fix itself, or is there a manual setting I need to edit? Thanks in advance!


Actually, in current releases, every single palette item should work using the more efficient select / double-click method, assuming you select the correct element (eg, for breaks, select the barline). Also there is the keybaord shortcut Enter which is even more efficient, although not all palette items can be accessed that way.

Anyhow, I can't think of anything in MuseScore that can cause this, sounds more likely a mouse / driver / OS issues. If it's software rather than hardware, a reboot might help.

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