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• Jan 26, 2018 - 19:36


I'm a satisfied user of MuseScore, which has now replaced Sibelius for work. That's why I subscribed to the online plan to upload a lot of scores for me to share with my students (in solfege, music analysis...)

But that tool is not really convincing with a lot of scores : it's a mess, with no sorting options.

I would suggest the team to work on the website to make it possible for users with lots of scores to view and sort easily their scores :

1/ show what scores are in a set or not (best option) or make it possible to make folders (old school). That would permit us to see only one set/category of files (for example, one of my classes)

2/ have a global view on our uploads : list the sets, show a tag cloud, list of used instrumentations, count of scores, etc. any options to make it organisable, readable, user-friendly

3/ maybe (that would be a dream) have a cloud-like system to sync with computer folders. Uploading one file at a time is a little bit painful...

4/ another dream would be to let us share sets/categories of scores immediately as a new "folder" in my students "MuseScore" app :-) Imagine : all my students could easily access, with one click in their app, to a set of scores they wrote. Or to a set of scores to analyse Sonata Form... :-)

This is really the only (but major) thing that I really miss to have a perfect tool for me and my students.
Do the team needs a fundraising for that website/cloud update ? :-)

Thank you and keep going, MuseScore Team !


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