Stumped by a tuplet.

• Jan 31, 2018 - 22:10

I am attempting my first full orchestral score in Musescore, using G W Chadwick's suite based on Robert Burns poem, Tam O'Shanter.
In it, I have come across this tuplet that I cannot seem to re-create in Musescore.
I understand tuplets and how to create them, but this has left me stumped.
with the time signature in 6/4, am I correct to assume that each bar is equal to a dotted semibreve?
Using a dotted semibreve to create the 4 note tuplet still leaves a rest at the end of the bar using the crotchet, minim and crotchet as shown.
There is no change to the time signature for this bar.
I am possibly doing something wrong, but I cannot see it.

Thank you.

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A normal 4-let would turn into 4 1/2 notes (minims), you need to select the rest and use Notes->Tuplets from the menu and make the relation 4/6, since the are 4 1/4 notes (aka crotchets) in the place of 6.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply, it seemed so simple after I used it, but it did take me a few minutes to work through and understand what you were explaining as I have never used the relationship part of tuplets before, but perseverance paid off.


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