Volta after Segno - won't repeat again, but I need it to.

• Feb 1, 2018 - 12:35

Hi all! I have this issue.
I started a score that includes different kinds of repetitions and all of them seem to work as I need them to, except for one instance of a Volta 1 and repetition barline.

The form should be so that the part in the beginning that is repeated (2 Voltas), will be sung again as the end part of the song - for which I used Segno. And it should be repeated in the end as well, but as of now, it goes straight to 2nd Volta after Segno.
How can I get what I need?
The file is included and the bars in question are in the end of the first repeated section, i.e 18 (1st Volta) and 19 (2nd).


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