Changing key of song

• Feb 4, 2018 - 01:49

Want to change key of song from F to D. Program changed to key of D but notes did not change.


Do not simply insert a new key signature. Put the key signature back, deselect everything and use the menu Notes->Transpose... to transpose it to the key of D Major/B minor.

  • go to instruments and select every instrument part you want to transpose as "visible".
    • Highlight or select all the parts and notes you want to transpose.
    • Hit the down arrow once to lower all the highlighted notes down a half step, press down twice to lower notes 1 step, etc.
  • Or to raise the pitch by a half step, press the up arrow once. to raise a full step, press up arrow twice. etc
    (press down arrow three times to make a note that was originally F become a D by lowering note pitchs 1.5 steps). hope that helps

@Diane Steinberger
scusami ma non parlo inglese.
Ecco la la giusta procedura per il trasporto di tonalità di una partitura:
guarda gli allegati (1,2,3,4) e capirai, è molto semplice!
Buona musica.

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