A few requests for MuseScore 3

• Feb 5, 2018 - 23:08

There are a few things I've found that MuseScore lacks in its current version. Could these be implemented into MuseScore 3?

  • Crescs/decrescs over long notes (https://musescore.org/en/node/268031) [I think Sibelius does this.]
  • Arpeggios going over multiple staves (like for a piano or harp)
  • Sound for grace notes going after the selected note
  • Actual working ritards and accels
  • Gong sound
  • Cymbal choking (like with a triangle)
  • Muted strings (possibly another feature like pizzicato activated with staff text?)
  • The ability to temporarily divide a part into multiple staves (in the example shown below, you can see this happening twice in the string section.)

I understand if stuff like this is hard to implement, but I would really appreciate if these features were added.

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Rachmaninoff Score With Divided Staves.png 341.05 KB


Most of these already do have formal requests in the issue tracker and have at least some initial development work on. But realize, playback is always secondary in importance in MuseScore compared to notation, so things are prioritized accordingly.

Note some are already present. Gong, choked cymbal, and muted string sounds are supported if you have a non-standard soundfont that includes them - General MIDI unfortunately doesn't define anything for them. Divisi staves can be created with Hide empty staves and invisible measure (an option in 3.0 makes this easier). There is a plugin to do ritard/accel.

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