global changes

• Feb 7, 2018 - 16:51

I imported a score and now want to change the font for all of the chords in one operation, such as (1) highlight the chords, (2) select ____________, (3) chose desired font, and (4) enter.


  • John


Just so you know, chord symbols are very special indeed, and there are two very different ways of doing this, not sure which you found.

1) Style / Text / Chord Symbols (also available as Text Style right the right-click menu on a chord symbol) allows you to change the text used in all chord symbols at once, if you are using the standard General style (see below).

2) Style / General / Chord Symbols allows you to switch between standard and jazz chord symbols styles. This is much more than a change of font - it also changes the entire representation of the chord symbols. The standard style is pretty linear, but the jazz style uses superscripted and various size changes to achieve a look optimized for jazz charts. It works only with the MuseJazz font, so it forces that font regardless of your setting in Style / Text.

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