MusicXml export : voltas not closed

• Feb 12, 2018 - 14:28

When doing MusicXml exports, there are times when volta ends are not exported.
This is intermittent, however.

Within the attached file, the volta which starts on measure 53, exported like this :

<barline location="left">
     <ending number="1, 2" type="start"/>
 is not terminated in measure 54, as this is how it is exported :
<barline location="right">
    <repeat direction="backward" times="3"/>

instead of :

<barline location="right">
    <ending number="1, 2" type="stop"/>
    <repeat direction="backward" times="3"/>

After investigation, I have not been able to determine a specific scenario which will reproduce this problem systematically.

Is this a known problem ?

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It would be very interesting to know how this volta has been created. In the MSCX file, the volta is too short by one eight note. So internally, it doesn't end exactly on the barline of the measure and the MusicXML export relies on this fact to export the closing.
As far as I know, no, it's not a known issue.

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The measure 53 volta shows to cover the entire measure when you double click on it in MuseScore. It shows to end prior to the final eighth note as you indicated in the .mscx file. Also in the mscx file, the volta 2 for measure 55 shows to end after the F# chord in measure 56, yet the red lines indicate it only covers measure 55 when you double click it.

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Not sure how you get this, but this is not what I get in my version of MuseScore (v2.1 revision 871c8ce)
Double click on volta over measure 53 and the red dotted line and red dot is over the repeat bar in measure 54.
Double click on volta over measure 55 and the red dotted line and dot is just before the single end of measure line, but after the last note.

Here I wanted to give a screen capture but the upload gave me this message : "File upload error. Could not move uploaded file. "

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I only tested the .mscz and the .mscx that's inside the .mscz, I did not look at the .xml file at all. I trusted that you accurately told what it said. Are you talking about the display in the .mscz or .xml file?

Apparently the file upload system is currently broke, So we'll have to upload our pictures later.

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Hi Mike,

Sorry to have taken some time to get back to this.
The information I stated at the start of this thread is accurate.
The generated MusicXml file is not correct in that the volta end points have not been put at the end of their corresponding measures.
I am not talking about how the xml displays.
However, the mscz is obviously giving a misleading display in that the anchor lines, as you have shown, are at the correct positions. It would seem therefor that Musescore is accommodating the incorrectly positionned information in the mscz file and so, in consequence, should be able to generate a correctly formed xml file.

To the question of, how the mscz file has misplaced data, I cannot say.
As I stated beforehand - I selected the two measures, 53 and 54, and then double clicked on the first repeat line to add the volta. It displays as covering the two measures, so no indication that there is a problem.

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I guess in my last post I should have reiterated that the .mscz and display are not being consistent with one another. MuseScore is obviously making some sort of adjustment to make them display correctly in spite of the non-exact placement of the ends of the voltas.

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