different number of syllables in different verses

• Feb 21, 2018 - 19:21

Hi guys
This is less of a MScore query and more a general music layout question.
A friend has written an amateur musical and given me 1/2 a dozen sets of lyrics to compose tunes for. I've written the melody for verse 1 (for example) but the syllable count for the other verses differ occasionally. How do I add the lyrics for the other verses underneath each other when often there are MORE syllables than notes for 'that' line.
I know how to add lyrics underneath each other btw - its the differing syllable count that is bothering me.
I suppose I could just copy out the music for verse1, paste it several times and then adjust accordingly but that 'feels wrong'.


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It depends..

What some publishers do as well is to actually add the smallest note values (possibly as small notes or with dotted ties/slurs) so that each syllable still corresponds with at least a note. Then dash/melisma over the notes not used in the current verse.

As suggested, split it into the smallest time segments (eg two quavers for two sylllables) and then use a second Voice for the single syllable (a crotchet in this case). Sometimes the shorter notes are made small and have the stems going the other way from the longer note.

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This method is new to me, but what I have seen is that you use the smallest note-value as suggested and then, instead of using a second voice to indicate the situation with less syllables, you use a dotted tie. I.e. in Underquark's example above, notate two quavers, then tie them and change the tie's line type to dotted in the Inspector.


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